December 13, 2021

Mark Reed | 2021-10-31 02:44:43

"I worked for an Apartment Complex a few Years ago. Our Mechanical Company said that our Condensers were going off on High Head Pressure. We called Capital Water Treatment, Inc and they came out cleaned our Condensers without Charge with a Signed two(2) Year Service Agreement, Which we signed in a heart beat. This is a True Symbotic Relationship. I have since Retired but in talking to current employees Capital water Treatment, Inc. is still doing a GREAT Job. "
August 30, 2021

General Manager

"We have Offices in different cities in the State. We called them out to check one of our systems after Hours, they came out right away, evaluated our system and found that our current vendor was not performing good. They provided us with the test results to back up what Capital Water Treatment, Inc. tech had found. Found a fan Belt for the Motor broken, they replaced it which in not part of their service. Our Company appreciated them going the Extra mile."
August 19, 2021

Patricia Reed | 2021-07-23 23:20:45

"Capital Water Treatment, Inc. is Competent in what you expect from a professional company in the Business of Service "